The Belleterre Homeowners Association is intended to represent the interests of residents and to continue to ensure that all amenities, landscaping, and general maintenance takes place through the collection of annual dues.

The HOA is made up of the following positions and personnel:

  • President, Adam Hudson
  • Vice-President, Manoj Raman
  • Treasurer, Kyle Bradford
  • Secretary, Kelli Lathem
  • Board Member/ ARC Liaison, Terry Doty

Supporting committees:

  • Architecture, Chris Bradshaw
  • Pool, Carolyn Walsh
  • Pond, Don Curt
  • Landscaping, Rob Kochli
  • Tennis, Sheila Kochli
  • Welcome, Suzanne Bock

We are always looking for help and participation.  If you wish to join a committee and/or are interested in being a board member, let us know.