• When do I need to pay my dues? A: Dues must be paid by April 1 of each year. You will receive a letter in your mailbox a few weeks prior outlining payment options.
  • How much are dues? A: $900 for 2023.
  • Are the dues mandatory? A: Yes. Dues pays to maintain the grounds, pool, pond, and tennis courts, as well as social events. When you purchase a home, you agreed to the terms and conditions of the HOA.
  • Are there additional fees during the year? A: The HOA may assess special one-time fees – see examples below. There also may be nominal fees to participate in social events during the year.
  • What are some recent improvements done with my dues? A: In 2023, the pavilion was painted. A certain amount of dues is also set aside in anticipation that the pond will require occasional maintenance.


  • When are meetings held with the HOA? A: The HOA meets on a quarterly basis with an invitation that is sent to the neighborhood prior. The HOA also holds an annual meeting to vote on dues, important projects, etc.

Rules & Regulations

  • Does the association have any rules and regulations? A: Yes. There are the covenants and bylaws for how the HOA is set up and governed. In addition, these documents state what rights a homeowner has for his/her home and property. Finally, the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) maintains documents on what process a homeowner can follow to request approval for improvements to home and property.
  • Tell me about the ARC? A: The ARC is a committee of homeowners separate from the board that are responsible for reviewing and approving home or land improvements. Any change to a home must go through the ARC approval process. This includes but not limited to: changing the paint color for a home, landscaping changes, infrastructure changes (home, driveway, sidewalk), tree removal, hardscape, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact the ARC, and you’ll find that they are very responsive to any requests. For more information, please look at Documents to download an ARC request form to submit through the Access Management portal.
  • How do I report a perceived violation? A: Contact any board member via phone or email. In addition, you can use the Access Management portal form and a board member will contact you shortly.


  • What events are held during the year? A: Annual traditions include: last day of school pool party, Halloween Party, and the adult Holiday party. Other events may include: happy hour at the pool, trivia night, tennis tournaments, Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July and Easter Egg parties. Please subscribe to receive emails using the Access Management portal and also join Belleterre Neighborhood Facebook page to be in the know for these fun events.