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Belleterre ARC Form

Request for Modification to Home or Property

The Belleterre Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has created this form to request approval for modifications to your home or property. The more complete the information (e.g., drawings, color samples, URLs/Website Addresses, etc.) will help speed the turn-around time for approval.  Prior to submitting ARC requests, we recommend that you review the Belleterre ARC Guidance.1.15.16 and the City of Milton Tree Ordinance.

At the bottom of the form, you'll be able to attach multiple attachments such as PDFs or JPGs.

Please note that items with an * are required fields.

Once you click SUBMIT at the bottom, the form will be emailed to the ARC committee with the attachments.

Please attach at the bottom of this form a scale drawing, or if possible, a photograph to provide more detail.
Please attach at the bottom of this form a scale drawing, photograph, and/or vendor literature/website links.
If appropriate, include manufacturer, model number, number of pieces, and physical attributes such as color, size, finish, or weight.

The ARC recommends that you ask your contractor for an explanation of their insurance coverage prior to signing a contract.

Maximum upload size: 67.11MB